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Honeydew – ‘Melata’


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Available Sizes: 250g / 500g

Benefits: Like all honeys it has antiseptic qualities and can be used on small cuts and grazes. It’s also thought to be helpful when you’ve got a dose of the flu or want to support the body’s immune system.

Tasting Notes & Tips: Dark and thick, with an intense taste almost like molasses, but less cloyingly sweet. Use to make your own Barbecue Sauce or try with natural or Greek yogurt. 

Provenance: Made by the Borzoni family in the northern Italian province of Piedmont. Originating from the Monferrato region(famed for its truffles and wine), Honeydew, also known as ‘Forest Honey’, is made by small insects who ingest plant sap found in tree leaves. They leave behind a sugary liquid on the leaves after digesting the sap. Bees then collect the sap and process it into a dark, intensely flavoured honey.

Raw honey is not suitable during pregnancy or for children under 12 months old.

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