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Raw Bulgarian Honey

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  • Benefits: Thought to be beneficial for the digestion and associated ailments, including nausea and indigestion. It’s also thought to help blood circulation. Like all honeys it’s anti-inflammatory and a natural antiseptic.

    Tasting notes and tips:One of the rarest honeys, it’s prized for its thick, velvet texture and vibrant, fresh flavour. It has a rich frangipane aroma, and the a sweet almond taste, followed by subtle notes of liquorice. Pair with breads, yogurt and hot toddies, or try it with stir-frys, or as a glaze for fish.

    Provenance: Made from organic coriander fields in North-East Bulgaria. The nectar of coriander is highly dependent on weather conditions, which means the plant produces it every five to six years and is why it’s considered one of the rarest in the world.


    Raw honey is not suitable during pregnancy or for children under 12 months old.

  • Benefits: Like all raw honeys, it’s highly antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Use on skin to heal wounds, or ingest to sooth coughs and colds. Lavender is also thought to be beneficial for muscle spasms, insomnia and reduction of inflammation in muscles and joints.

    Tasting notes and tips: A light gold medium bodied honey, rich in aroma, with notes of floral, scented lavender. Sweet, with a delicate acidity on the finish. Wonderful with soft goat’s cheeses, teas and plain yogurt. Also try with roast lamb dishes, or in cakes and desserts.

    Provenance: Made in the Dobrudja region of North-East Bulgaria, the bees are foraging from organic lavender fields. Bulgaria has a rich heritage in beekeeping and honey production, due to its climate and rich diversity in flora and fauna.



    Raw honey is not suitable during pregnancy or for children under 12 months old.

Showing all 2 results

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