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Raw Lavender Honey


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Available sizes: 340g

Benefits: Like all raw honeys, it is highly antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Use on the skin to heal wounds, or ingest to sooth coughs and colds. Lavender is also thought to be beneficial for muscle spasms, insomnia and reducing inflammation in muscles and joints.

Tasting notes and tips: A dark honey with an intense lavender aroma. This ‘classic’ honey is floral with notes of lavender and chamomile. Dry on the finish with a hint of acidity. We love this in ice-cream, drizzled on panna cotta, added to cakes and drizzled on goat’s cheese. Would work very well in floral or herbal teas.

Provenance: Our lavender honey is predominantly sourced from the Murcia region of south-east Spain. Made by a collective of beekeepers in the region, who produce beautiful pure honey on a small scale.

Raw honey is not suitable during pregnancy or for children under 12 months old.

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