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Raw Linden Tree Honey – ‘Tiglio’


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Available Sizes: 250g / 500g

Benefits: May be beneficial if you’re suffering with insomnia and/or menstrual cramps. May also be helpful as a digestion aide, and as a diuretic. You may like it if you’re trying to counter a heavy night out!

Tasting Notes & Tips:  A light colour, with a strong, fresh flavour. Hints of lime and eucalyptus. Unsurprisingly given the flavour, Linden Trees are also known as Lime Trees.

Provenance: Made by the Borzoni family in the northern Italian province of Piedmont. The trees are found high up in the Alps in the Valsesia area of Piedmont. The flavour lingers in the mouth after eating. Great slavered on an English muffin for breakfast.

Raw honey is not suitable during pregnancy or for children under 12 months old.

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