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Raw Orange Blossom Honey


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Available sizes: 340g

Benefits: May be beneficial in soothing and suppressing muscle spasms. Rich in Vitamin C, it’s traditionally used to support the immune system and treat flu. Like all honeys it has anti-inflammatory & anti-septic properties.

Tasting notes and tips: Orange blossom honey is gentle and sweet, with orange notes on the finish. A rich golden colour and velvet texture, it’s fantastic for cake baking (hello, orange drizzle) or sweet and sour cooking. Try it with yogurt and granola, in ice-tea, with duck, or simply on toast. Rich in fructose and glucose, this honey will crystallise easily.

Provenance: This honey comes from natural orange blossom groves in Southern Spain, predominately Catalonia and Valencia.

Raw honey is not suitable during pregnancy or for children under 12 months old.

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