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Raw Buckwheat Honey


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Benefits: Buckwheat honey is rich in antioxidents and minerals such as iron, it’s popular as a remedy for sore throats, coughs and stomach aches. Like all honeys it’s beneficial for the immune system and promotes healing.

Tasting notes and tips: A strong, dark honey with a rich malty flavour and a smoky finish. It has a fresh tobacco aroma and is brilliant in ginger cakes, rich fruit cakes, porridge, and on the savoury side, in barbecue marinades and with strong, tangy cheeses.

Provenance: A popular honey across eastern Europe, ours is made in Lithuania, by beekeepers committed to ethical beekeeping and the happiness of their bees. The bees forage on wild Buckwheat which produces tiny white flowers in late summer.


Raw honey is not suitable during pregnancy or for children under 12 months old.

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