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Raw Summer Savory Honey – ‘Santoreggia’


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Benefits: A rare and particular honey, rich in anti-inflammatory & antiseptic properties. Considered to be an ally against coughs, the flu and aids digestion.

Tasting Notes & Tips: This honey has a light amber colour, a rich smooth texture.  Gentle notes of citrus, and aromatic herbs, with a dry finish. Delicious in teas and infusions, spread on light, mild bread, and would also work well on yogurt or porridge.

Provenance: Made by a family of beekeepers, whose hives are in the national park of Abruzzo, Italy. Summer Savory is an annual herb from the mint family, found across the Mediterranean. Considered to be a very rare honey due to the need for exact weather conditions during flowering, including no drought conditions during July.

Raw honey is not suitable during pregnancy or for children under 12 months old.

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