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London Honey


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Benefits: Rich in antioxidants it’s traditionally used to help relieve coughs and seasonal allergies hay fever. Like all honeys, it’s got antiseptic qualities and can be used on small cuts and grazes.

Tasting notes and tips: A surprisingly rich flavour and deep colour.  This honey is fantastic on toasted teakcakes, swirled over tart Granny Smith apples and natural yogurt, or used as a natural sweetener for fruit compotes.

Provenance: A mix of flowers from nearby Greenwich park and gardens, this honey is a mix wildflower, tree and garden flowers. Made by part time beekeeper Lynne Lim, in Charlton, London. Lynne’s a member of the Kent Bee-Keepers Association and has been producing honey for years in the South East London area.

Raw honey is not suitable during pregnancy or for children under 12 months old.

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